2015 Federal Election Will be a Different Beast

Party leaders, including the prime minister, shouldn’t bank on a similar election dynamic this time around

In light of today’s expected election call, it’s worth seeing how recent polls compare with those taken immediately before the 2011 election.

Five public opinion polls were released in the same week that the 2011 election began. These polls came from Angus Reid (March 24), Leger (March 24), EKOS (March 24), Ipsos Reid (March 23) and Harris-Decima (March 20). Of these, we have parallel polls for the present context from EKOS (July 31) and Ipsos Reid (July 29).

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The Problem with Attacking Justin Trudeau

A friendly face and familiar background can make Justin Trudeau a difficult target for political attack ads

On Monday, the Conservatives unveiled their latest round of attack ads against Liberal leader Justin Trudeau. The ads can be found almost everywhere – television, Facebook, Twitter – and focus on Trudeau’s alleged inexperience.

The idea that Trudeau isn’t ready to govern Canada has been stressed before. It makes sense if you ignore the fact Trudeau will never actually gain this experience until he’s elected to govern. Has he spent enough time in the opposition benches? Does he have enough life experience beyond politics to understand how the real world works? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but it’s worth noting Harper found himself facing them as well in 2004 so the attack rings a bit hollow in this respect. Continue reading