Sorry, Michael Den Tandt – You’re Wrong on the Duffy Scandal

Michael Den Tandt has a penchant for missing the mark on important issues

I have trouble accepting Michael Den Tandt as a serious thinker. This is especially true when he suggests the lingering stain of the Duffy scandal on Stephen Harper’s re-election hopes is really just the consequence of poor media relations.

Yes, Den Tandt has essentially reduced the whole Duffy matter to one of optics, not substance. He seems particularly upset and even bedazzled by Harper’s inability to change the channel. “If Harper would only answer a few more questions,” we are told, “the issue would quickly dissipate.” I paraphrase here, of course, but it’s because I can’t bear to repeat Den Tandt’s actual words; I hope to never speak such shallowness in my life.

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Tom Flanagan Sells a Doozy on Stephen Harper

Tom Flanagan once again rushes to the defence of his former star pupil, Stephen Harper

Tom Flanagan is invested in the success of Stephen Harper – I get it.

His continuing relevance as a right-wing political commentator and his standing legacy as a once-respected professor of any real influence depend on it. Unfortunately, his claims about Harper’s supposed omnipotence ring increasingly hollow as we approach Election Day 2015. Flanagan might still enjoy the Kool-Aid, but the rest of us were never big fans of its sugary bite. The poisoned chalice is now his to keep.

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